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New mining solutions provider

Since 2016, ViraMiner has been active in the mining industry as its first strategic business unit, formed by IT and ICT experts. This group was able to gain the trust of foreign and domestic investors interested in operating in this field by using the knowledge of experts in the field of digital mining and providing new solutions, as well as having a wealth of expertise in the field of designing, implementing, and maintaining mining farms.


The most well-equipped specialized miner repair center in Iran.

Hashban is a subdivision of Karane Nilgoon Tiss (KNTiss) established in 2018 as a miner repair department. Under the "Hashban" brand, this group began operating independently in the field of specialized repairs of miner devices in 2019 due to the growth of the mining industry in Iran and the increase in demand.


A safe platform to increase your Mining Income

The goal of the Karane Nilgoon Tiss (KNTiss) complex is to create a cohesive and integrated framework that meets every requirement of miners for cryptocurrencies. Since the end of 2021, ViraPool's infrastructure and software development have helped to achieve this goal, and the company is currently proud to have amassed a sizeable portion of the nation's active hashrate in an Iranian pool.


Easy Miner hosting service provider

Virafarm reduces underground mining and encourages people to work in full legally and easily by offering miner hosting services, setting up appropriate conditions, and facilitating legal communication between mining farms and enthusiasts. Establishing equitable and standard working conditions for Iranian miners is Virafarm's primary objective.

Our services

Setting up a mining farm

Consulting and mining training

Supplying mining equipment

Bitcoin mining pool

Specialized miner repairs

Support, and monitoring

Designing, implementing, and setting up industrial farms
The privilege of being associated with the country's leading brands
Setting up more than16farms
management of more than40KWatts of electricity

Karane Nilgoon Tiss (KNTiss)

Specialized holding covering all minings in the country

Consumer feedback

As an activist in the field of industrial extraction and the manager of MAX Mining Holding, I have received professional and quality services from this group as a result of our long-term collaboration with Karane Nilgoon Tiss (KNTiss); furthermore, the support team is very caring and professional. Additionally, the service is provided with excellent and satisfactory speed and stability. All in all, I recommend this company to my friends.

Ehsan Vakilzadeh
MAX Mining Holding's director